Simple Ways To Lose Weight At Home

How to Lose Weight At Home

If you want to lose weight, there are many things you can do at home and at work. For that it is not necessarily necessary to take a subscription to an expensive gym. The only thing you need is a creative way to deal with the things you have in-house and the will to be creative. You can move around anytime and anywhere.

Because, what is the core of weight loss? By burning more calories, when it comes in through your diet. If you change that, either in your diet or in your exercise pattern, this will affect your weight. It’s that simple.

The Stairs

Good, back to losing weight without needing a gym , or expensive fitness equipment .

expensive fitness equipment

The staircase is an ideal exercise tool to get extra movement. In the majority of the houses this is already present, so you do not have to take it every time you want to move.

What can you Do:

Get ready to go ” climbing stairs ” every 15 minutes every morning . Turn on the radio or the CD player, choose a nice music and turn up the volume, and go with that banana … To keep an eye on your breathing and heartbeat , you could sing along. As long as you can sing along, you still have enough breath and your heartbeat is still okay. If that does not happen anymore, you can no longer sing along, then bring the pace down a bit.


The bottom steps can also be used for step exercises. Google once on “Steps exercises”, and you are guaranteed a number of exercises against which you can entertain yourself for a while.


If you have a domestic help, who normally does your windows, and puts the floor in the laundry; Let the help do other things, and wash your own windows and wax the floor . And again, MP3 player, or the radio, and sing along. Try to wash the windows as quickly as possible and put the floor in the laundry, all singing. Washing windows is an excellent exercise for your arms , and waxing your floor puts every muscle in your body to work. In this way you can kill 3 birds with one stone: you need less help, so that saves you in the fair, your windows and floors are nice and clean, and you train your body. Look, that is effective sports .

Only is only alone

Only is only alone, and exercising together is good for motivation . If that is one of the reasons why you would choose a gym in the first instance, invite a number of friends or neighbors, and work together. There are more than enough work-out DVDs that you can work on together. Do not feel like a DVD? Then take a look at broadcast broadcasts, to the broadcast of ” The Netherlands on the move “. There you will also find nice exercises that you can do.



If you want to invest in money, then a pedometer is a good investment. By first ” just ” moving with the pedometer for a few days you get to see how many steps you “normally” do in a day. Then you can decide to do 1000 or 1500 more steps a week. You could do this after 2000 to 2500 steps more, and after 3 weeks 3000 to 3500 steps more.

Moving Helps

Exercise helps with weight loss. Just keep in mind that you will not eat anymore because you move more. If you still get ” pull ” from all that exercise, and you want something to eat, take a look at the so-called ” negative calories ” products. (See the article: Lose weight with negative calories, is that possible? ) Also take the time to weight to lose. Do not have the illusion that you lose 33 pounds through 3 weeks of exercise and less eating. You may lose those kilos, but it is only the question whether it is permanent, and whether you do not end up in the yo-yo effect .

Fast Weight Loss: 6 Simple Tips That Work 100% Sure

6 Simple Tips That Work 100% Sure

Everyone wants to lose weight. But how can you achieve this? Often, methods for losing weight are not good for your body because, for example, you get too few calories or the balance in the type of food is hard to find .

That is why I have put together a number of tips that are 100% sure to lose weight faster and also be healthy . If you stick to these tips, you will lose weight quickly, and they are also easy to maintain once you are in the rhythm.

Tip 1. Eat slowly


Eat slowly if you want to lose weight quickly. This is a proven method to get a satisfied feeling earlier. Take the time for your meal and make it a cozy occasion. Because you have a full feeling earlier, you will also be less likely to eat too much. The use of small plates, small dishes and small cutlery is already a useful tool. In this article about slow food you will find all the tips you need to eat less quickly and thus lose weight faster!

Tip 2. Eat 5 to 6 times a day

You can lose weight faster by eating 5 to 6 times a day. This may sound contradictory, but it really works. It is of course not the intention that you eat a lot more; the idea is to spread the same number of calories over several smaller meals .

This ensures that your blood sugar levels and insulin levels during the day go through less peaks and troughs . The result is that hunger peaks and binge eating are prevented. In addition, less body fat is stored under the influence of a stable insulin level.

By eating more often per day, you ensure that your blood sugar level remains constant throughout the day. You have more energy all day and you never feel weak between meals. Result: much faster weight loss! Also read this article about 5 to 6 small meals a day …

Tip 3. Always eat breakfast

ALWAYS eat breakfast. I myself have also had a considerable time with it, but if you eat a healthy breakfast every day, you will notice that you have a lot more energy in the morning. Make sure that there is a lot of fiber in your breakfast by eating whole grain products. And always use a good protein source such as lean meat, low-fat cheese, egg or fish. A good breakfast ensures an efficient metabolism that stores much less fat. And reduced fat storage also automatically means losing weight. In this article about healthy breakfast you can read more about an optimal morning meal.

Tip 4. Less as soon as the sun goes down

Eat less as soon as the sun goes down – What do I mean by this? It is so important not to skip breakfast in order to get your metabolism going, it is also important to eat as soon as night falls. Your body is less active later in the day and less able to process the calories you eat . With a view to fast weight loss, it is therefore important that you do not eat much in the evening.

Note that there are studies that show that eating in the evening provides extra fat storage, but that there are also studies that suggest that things are not that bad ( source ). Either way, you will spare your digestion, sleep better and enjoy a better night’s rest if you do not eat or hardly eat anything after dinner. And that’s better for your hormone housekeeping.

Tip 5. Stop 3 Hours Before You Go To Sleep

Stop eating 3 hours before you go to sleep. Actually this is a continuation of the previous tip. Because your body is less active, and your metabolism functions slower – especially when you sleep – it is important to stop eating just before you go to sleep.

Many people mistakenly feel that they are hungry around 9:00 PM or later and plunder the refrigerator before they dive into their beds. That is why this is perhaps the hardest tip to follow, but it is also the tip with which you lose the fastest without having to really do anything for it .

Tip 6. Eat A Lot Of Vegetables & Fruit

Vegetables & Fruit

Do you want to lose weight quickly? Then eat a lot of green vegetables. Try to process green (leaf) vegetables in as many meals as possible. Why? Because green vegetables – but also green juices and vegetable smoothies – contain extremely many important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In addition, they are full of fibers that ensure good metabolism and digestion. Eat more often a salad with lettuce and eat with regular spinach and broccoli.

Green vegetables also ensure a lower blood sugar level and thus prevent high peaks. Those high peaks in the blood sugar level, as you could read above, are the cause of fat storage. If you eat a lot of vegetables, you will lose weight faster. Incidentally, fruit is also vitally important when it comes to losing weight.


You probably have to adjust your eating habits properly in order to actually mark out these 6 tips from your list. But do not forget that there are no miracle drugs if you want to lose weight quickly. You have to put a little effort into it anyway. But with the above 6 tips you will find that weight loss is easier to sustain.

Many diets will ensure that your body will function in a kind of survival mode or low-energy mode , which will ultimately result in the yo-yo effect. Your metabolism is going to function slower and slower to save energy ; after all, much less energy comes in the form of food.

With these tips for fast weight loss you achieve the opposite: your resting metabolism increases and your body burns calories much faster! Then it is not so bad when you eat a pastry, because your body burns much faster and stores the fats less quickly than with a standard diet.

Guide And Remedies To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Today – Guide And Remedies To Lose Weight

For many people, weight loss today is an urgent need and not only to make up for the excesses of Christmas or to lie on the beach in your swimsuit. It can simply be a matter of health. People also want to lose weight to feel better about themselves or to keep up with the fast pace of life . But watch out! Slimming is not the same as losing weight in a healthy way. The healthy way is to reduce the fat percentage of our body and that is not always what happens with conventional diets. Below we show you some ways to lose weight in the long term.

For your health (and also for your figure), what really matters is eliminating or reducing the accumulation of fat in your body. This excess is what is really dangerous . The problem is that not only socio-economic factors lead to weight gain. There are also other factors that involve a disproportionate increase in body fat.

We are talking about a sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits and the exaggerated tendency not to make sacrifices, not to abandon and want to meet your needs at all times. All of these things reduce the metabolic capacity of your body . Because your body can not secrete harmful products quickly enough, they accumulate in your body, which inevitably leads to an increase in fat percentage and as a consequence also in body weight.

So in order to lose weight in the long term (and thus make the sacrifices you make worthwhile), it is not enough to sporadically follow ‘wonder diets’ (people often forget that they can even get sick when following such diets). due to a lack of vitamins and other essential nutrients to stay healthy). Instead, you must make radical changes to your lifestyle. If you do not do this, you can get the lost weight back quickly.

In all magic formulas to lose weight, there is very little sacrifice. That means that almost no one is inclined to do something as simple as adjusting the amount you take to the amount that your body uses and vice versa.

Interrupted Fasting: How To Burn Accumulated Fat

Recently, a diet was invented that is a good compromise: interrupted fasting . This ‘diet’ is very easy and requires only a small sacrifice. It is based on a principle that helps your body to change the way energy use . It’s like you’re driving your car on a different type of fuel. Your body will switch to a new form of combustion, which is much more focused on fat and less on sugars. We explain this in more detail.

This easy diet involves a good planning of your meals, with an extension of the time span between times you eat. This forces your body to use the accumulated fat instead of the sugars that you keep taking.

To force your body to make this change, you must bridge a time span of at least 16 hours without taking food. Do not be afraid, it’s easier than it seems.

This is necessary because the body uses the glycogen reserves (fast energy stored in the form of sugar) in your body in six to eight hours . Only after that time does the body burn all these sugar reserves and it will create energy from the stored fat. Your body will never use fat as fuel when you replenish your sugar supply every time within eight hours. When your body is on fat burning, you will see a gradual decrease in your weight and a proportional increase in your physical well-being.


There are different ways to make this possible. One possibility is not to have breakfast and to have lunch as the first meal of the day (you can of course drink coffee in the morning, but without milk and with natural sweeteners such as kaa-hee, so that you do not take in sugar). Of course, you can not eat more than usual during lunch, even if you have not taken breakfast.

This does not mean that you can put anything in your body at times when you are allowed to eat: you have to radically distance yourself from junk food and you have to drastically reduce your sugar intake and replace it with good fats such as coconut oil , olive oil, butter, eggs, avocado, moringa oil and walnuts .

For example, you can take a tablespoon of coconut oil in the afternoon , after the eight hours of fasting have expired. This stimulates the metabolism of fat burning and also has a direct stimulating effect on the thyroid gland , which in turn increases the metabolism (and thus the fat consumption).

The effect is not immediately visible, because it takes several weeks. But when your body makes the transition from burning sugars to the burning of fats, you will find that you no longer constantly crave for sweets and unhealthy food. Your body now uses fat as fuel and no longer needs a constant supply of sugar.

Recommendations And Popular Remedies

As we already said in the introduction, changing habits is vital for losing weight and improving your physical and emotional health. Therefore you should follow the following recommendations:

Drinking a lot of water helps the process of losing weight. It helps your body to dissolve fat and suppresses hunger. Drink at least between eight to ten glasses of water (or two liters) every day.

Do not drink sugared drinks or alcohol. Also chocolate and candy can best be left. Eat fruit, mainly oranges and grapefruit instead . You must avoid alcohol because it is converted into sugars.

Avoid the intake of diuretic medication to lose weight. When you remove fluid from your body, you drop blood pressure ( hypotension ). This causes a feeling of fatigue and nausea, making it harder to lose pounds .

Watch what you eat and how you prepare it. Stop eating junk food and saturated fatty acids. Also eat less flour, potatoes, rice (by which we mean all white food) and red meat. Eat chicken, fish and all kinds of vegetables instead. If it is not possible for you not to eat between meals, take a cup of tea, 100 g of pickles, a tomato or tomato juice or some sort of grain (cornflakes or oats). Moreover, it does not only matter what you eat, but also how you prepare it . Choose grilling or roasting above frying. However, the most ideal ways to prepare food are steaming, cooking or in the oven or pan.

Avoid sitting for a long time in front of the television or the computer. Having a sedentary lifestyle or sitting for more than four hours a day has a negative influence on the glucose and fat levels in your body.

According to several studies, every hour you spend sitting increases the risk of heart disease by 18%. If you have to spend a long time sitting down, it is important that you interrupt this every half hour for at least five minutes. Then do light activities or exercises.

Use small plates. According to a University of Utah study, there is a difference between the time you stop eating and the moment you feel full. By using smaller plates, less food is served. When you have eaten the plate, your brain will get a signal that you have finished eating and will or will not send out a signal of saturation. Because of this we avoid eating ‘just a little too much’.


Season your meals with pepper, ginger , curry and cayenne. These thermogenic seasonings activate your metabolism, so that calories are burned faster. These herbs also help against heartburn and swelling and improve digestion.

Movement. Even half an hour of walking a day can be effective. If possible, opt for taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Do not go shopping when you are hungry. Shopping in the supermarket with a feeling of hunger will only pass that feeling, so you will be tempted to buy more food than you really need. A large part of this extra food will also be greasy .
Natural remedies focus on stimulating the liver and the digestive system, which stimulates the slimming process in a natural way.

Take 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar 30 minutes before each meal with a pinch of baking soda in a glass of water.

Eat parsley and hard-boiled eggs and use apple cider vinegar. Taking such food helps you lose weight, because they provide you with less energy than the energy it takes to process them.

Ballote infusion: 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of hot water. Drink two very hot cups a day for fifteen days. Do not do this if you are pregnant or if you suffer from gastritis or stomach ulcers.

Infusion with red tea and cardamom : Heat 1 liter of water and add 2 teaspoons of tea and 5 teaspoons of cardamom. Drink 1 cup a day. Do not do this if you are pregnant or if you suffer from gastritis or stomach ulcers.

Herbal mixture of celery, turnip and parsley: Wash 3 celery stems, a handful of parsley and 2 turnip and chop into pieces. Boil everything in half a liter of water for fifteen minutes. Drink it spread out throughout the day.

A smoothie of green apple and pineapple: Wash a green apple and squeeze out the juice. Add to a glass of pineapple juice. Drink this every morning.